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Every year, the Association organises a team competition between the affiliated Clubs in the region.  Clubs have the option of entering a team of their making, or the Association can make up the teams from a pool of available players.

(Results for 2019 are shown below ... there was no Interclub during 2020 due to Covid)

Closed Association Championship

Every year, the Association runs it's Closed Association Championship.  The competition is available to all full members of its affiliated Clubs.  Although it's a graded competition, this is not a handicap tournament, and therefore is the most competitive event organised by the Association.

There is usually a combined A/B Grade competition for Ladies & Mens Singles, Mixed Doubles, and Ladies & Mens Doubles.  The same range of events is organised for our C Grade players.

This year's competition will be run over three weeks - TBA (Singles), TBA (Doubles), and TBA (Mixed Doubles).

(Results for 2020 are shown below)


Past Results

Interclub (2019)

Mixed Doubles Event              A Grade      Eugenie Gray & Stephen Sun

                                                   B Grade     Sukattika (Toom) Stocker & Grant Edser

                                                   C Grade     Sai Frampton & Ken Dougall

Additional Doubles Event       A Grade      Sue Wooddin & Mike Robertson

                                                   B Grade      Elizabeth Knight & Alan Dickson

Closed Champs (2022)

Mens Singles Event                 A Grade      Steven Sun          r/up Mike Robertson

                                                  B Grade      Bruce Wang         r/up Navesh Manny

Ladies Singles Event                none

Mens Doubles  Event             A Grade      Steven Sun & Alan Samuel

                                                 B Grade      Bruce Wang & Edrei Samuel

                                                 C Grade      Eathan Chung & Luke Jones

Ladies Doubles Event            A Grade      Verity Potter & Lesley Kelly 

                                                 B Grade      Shally Webb  & Peishna Gan

Mixed Doubles Event             A Grade     Sue Wooddin & Mike Robertson

                                                 B Grade     Sai Frampton & Ivan Shi

                                                 C Grade     Phoebe Waugh & Rob Salisbury 

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