Representative Play

Every year, Badminton New Zealand organises a series of highly competitive intra-association tournaments, where participating Associations enter teams to represent them, in the various divisions of the tournament.

Normally organised across three broad regions of the country, there are four weekends of home and away representative games between these associations throughout the season.  However, this year, due to the impact of Covid-19, and the shorter playing season, the competition will have only two rounds for each category.

Our Colours

Our Divisional Teams                       and Results for the Last 5 Years

Masters Division   

(No Masters teams entered this year)

Veterans Division

  • Chris Burtt

  • Alan Samuel

  • Jamie O'Donnell

  • Graham Feist

  • Margot knox

  • Sue Wooddin

  • Verity Potter

2015  Division 4  5th out of 9 teams

          Division 5  5th out of 11 teams

2016  Division 4  1st out of 9 teams

          Division 5  1st out of 10 teams

2017  Division 3  2nd out of 9 teams

          Division 4  2nd out of 9 teams

2018  Division 3  3rd out of 9 teams

          Division 3  9th out of 9 teams

2019  Division 3  4th out of 8 teams

2015  Division 3  4th out of 9 teams


2016  Division 3  4th out of 9 teams

          Division 4  8th out of 12 teams

2017  Division 3  7th out of 9 teams


2018  Division 3  9th out of 9 teams


2019  Division 3  4th out of 9 teams

Super Vets Division

(No Super Vets team entered this year)